I’ve been a bit quiet here since starting at Billboard. Partially because I also moved and have been traveling to see family, and partially because there hasn’t been a whole lot of the stuff I typically post about in here on my mind (see: moving + traveling for why).

However, I have been writing a bit for the business side of things here at Billboard, on Billboard.biz!

Merging my love for all things nerdy and tech and my love for the combination of electronic-type music combined with actual instruments, I caught up with Oh Land at Sony’s #catchthetablet event.

I also had the opportunity to attend a SoundCtrl event in NYC, featuring none other than Seth from Turntable.fm (as well as some of Turntable.fm’s most popular DJ’s, like DJ Wooooo – that’s 5 o’s exactly).

Also, in the most surprising news probably ever, I was recently nominated for an MTV Online Music Award (in the Hottest Music NILF category). Billboard’s doing a lot in the digital space and it’s amazing to have been included among the likes of SoundCloud, Turntable.fm, The Hype Machine, Spotify, Topspin and other awesome companies.

The winners are determined by voting and people are allowed to vote multiple times per day. You get points for voting (more for voting and sharing), and in what I think is a pretty nice move on MTV’s part, the top voters as determined by points level are entered to win a trip to the actual awards show. The categories are a mix of semi-serious, quirky and just plain fun (Too Much Ass for TV? Yeah, that’s a category), so make sure to take a look around the site and vote for the people/companies/artists/apps that you think should win.

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